A person stands in a voting booth, holding a ballot paper and preparing to cast their vote. The booth is equipped with privacy curtains to ensure confidentiality. The person looks focused and determined, with a pen in hand, marking their choices on the ballot. The scene captures the essence of civic duty and the importance of participating in the democratic process. The setting is well-lit, with clear signage indicating it's a polling station. This image underscores the significance of every individual's vote in shaping the future of their community and country.

Your Voice Matters: Engaging in the 2024 UK General Election as an Apprentice

As the 2024 General Election approaches, it's important for everyone to get involved, especially apprentices like you. This election is your chance to influence the future of our country, particularly in the areas that matter most to you—education, skills development, and job opportunities. Here’s how you can make a difference and why your involvement is crucial.

An aerial view of S&B Academy, showing the buildings, car parking area and team

How to choose the right automotive apprenticeship for you.

Choosing the right automotive apprenticeship can be a daunting task, but with the right information and guidance, you can make an informed decision that will set you on the path to a successful career in the automotive industry. 

two people shaking hands in a corporate setting

Why Customer Service Skills are Essential in Any Industry

In today's competitive business landscape, customer service is more than just a department; it's a philosophy that can make or break a company. Regardless of the industry, excellent customer service skills are crucial for success. In this blog post, we'll delve into why customer service skills are essential and how they can benefit any business.

An S&B Academy Business Apprenticeship teacher laughing in a classroom with students

The Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice

Apprenticeships have been around for centuries, and have been an essential part of workforce development across many industries. Hiring an apprentice has proven to be an excellent way for businesses to grow and develop, as well as for individuals to gain valuable on-the-job training and experience, and is becoming an even more popular way to bolster your workforce.

two young automotive technicians examining the underside of a car

Tackling the Automotive Technician Shortage in the UK: Why Apprenticeships are the Solution

The automotive industry in the UK is facing a significant challenge: a growing shortage of skilled technicians. As vehicles become more technologically advanced, the need for specialised skills is more crucial than ever. In this blog post, we'll explore the extent of this shortage and discuss why apprenticeships, especially those offered at S&B Automotive Academy, are a viable solution.

Graphic of a mobile phone and credit card, with the word 'pay', relating to the question 'how much does an automotive apprentice get paid'

How much does an automotive apprentice get paid?

Embarking on an apprenticeship is an excellent way to kickstart a rewarding career in the automotive industry. Not only do apprenticeships provide valuable hands-on experience and industry-specific training, but they also offer a means to earn while you learn.

A road travelling towards distant mountains, signifying your career path at S&B Automotive Academy

Discover Your Path at S&B Automotive Academy

Welcome to S&B Automotive Academy, your one-stop destination for specialised automotive and business apprenticeships. Watch our vlog as we delve into the diverse range of courses we offer and how you can choose the one that aligns with your passion. 

An automotive apprentice and tutor working together on a car in our training facility

The Top 10 Benefits of Choosing an Apprenticeship

In recent years, the traditional path of attending university has been challenged by the growing popularity of apprenticeships. Apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity for you to gain practical experience in an industry of your choice, all while earning a salary and gaining a qualification.

  A member of the S&B Academy teaching team showing an automotive apprentice part of a car door

Looking for a Career That's Going Places? Demand for Automotive Skills is at an All-Time High

The automotive industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, and has always led to jobs that are in high demand; but automotive skills are now at an all-time high! 

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