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S&B Automotive Academy eLogBook

One of S&B’s USPs is the eLogbook that was developed by its own staff to operate as a triangulated support mechanism between itself and the apprentice and their employer. It provides the apprentices with remote access to all their curriculum content, digital packages including podcasts, quizzes and videos and an employability programme to prepare them for the wider skills needed in their career ahead. Employers are able to utilise the same system for mentor support and to keep updated on their apprentice’s progression, reviews and action plans.

The S&B Automotive Academy eLogBook is a valuable tool for promoting learner engagement and proficiency. It provides a portal to numerous tools that allows for seamless data recording, management, and sharing, ultimately streamlining workflows, and enhancing collaboration.

Front end portal:

elogbook provides access to:

  •       S&B alternative sites e.g., main site, BKSB, ecourses, LJ Create, accreditation courses.
  •       Showcase – apprentice’s electronic portfolios
  •       Functional Skills courses, help and guidance.
  •       Digital support materials - CDX
  •       Learner support materials - safeguarding, learner information
  •       Feedback – apprentices’ mechanism for performance checking the academy’s delivery.
  •       Progress trackers for all groups
  •       Reporting – logs and configurable reports.

Advantages of eLogbook:

eLogbook offers several advantages over traditional paper-based systems. It enables easy data entry, organization, and retrieval, reducing the risk of errors and lost information. The digital format also allows for secure backups, ensuring data integrity and protection. Furthermore, eLogbook promotes standardized practices and documentation, facilitating compliance with awarding body requirements and quality standards.

Training and Education:

eLogbook plays a vital role in training and education. It allows apprentices to document their experiences, workplace jobs, and progress, creating a comprehensive learning record and timeline of progress. Mentors, account managers and lecturers can review and provide feedback on the logged data, fostering a more structured and effective learning process.

Enhanced Collaboration:

eLogbook serves as a central hub for sharing information and fostering collaboration among apprentices, lecturers, and account managers. It enables real-time access to records, enabling seamless communication and knowledge exchange between team members. For example, wider life skills experiences can be discussed, shared, and stored in the Showcase portfolio.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity:

By eliminating the need for manual data entry and paperwork, eLogbook significantly enhances efficiency and productivity. It allows apprentices to focus more on their core tasks and reduces the time spent on administrative duties. With features like mock exams, revision materials and extensive EPA guidance users can quickly find relevant information, saving valuable time and effort.

Data Analytics and Insights:

eLogbook’s digital nature opens up opportunities for data analysis and generating valuable insights. By leveraging the power of data analytics, apprentices can identify what they need to achieve and see their performance progress, leading to informed decision-making and process improvements. Lectures can see which apprentices are falling behind key targets and ensure they are provided with the help and support required to get back on track.

User-Friendly Interfaces and Mobile Access:

To encourage adoption, eLogbook provides intuitive user interface that allows for easy navigate and requires minimal training. Additionally, the use of mobile friendly standards allows apprentices to access and update their eLogbook’s on the go, enhancing convenience and usability.

Demonstrating Success Stories:

Feedback from apprentices, mentors and customers has highlighted the benefits of eLogbook including ease of use, breadth and depth of materials and aids to study providing tangible benefits.

Apprentices and employers have praised it so highly that we have now developed the same system for our Business Academy.

Training and Support:

Apprentices and mentors are given comprehensive training and support on all aspects of the eLogbook / Showcase systems. This is provided by the IT department, account managers and lecturers.


Integrating eLogbook seamlessly integrates with Showcase and Google docs, this facilitates data exchange and ensure a smooth transition between interfaces.

Security and Data Privacy:

eLogbook uses the Linux (Debian) operating system widely used by the banking industry due to its robust security measures, encryption and access controls. Regular audits instil confidence in users regarding the safety of their data.


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