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Our eLogbook system revolutionises the apprenticeship experience through a digital platform that fosters a dynamic, three-way partnership between S&B Automotive Academy, apprentices, and their employers. Designed to cultivate a transparent, engaging, and mutually beneficial training journey, the eLogbook is pivotal in linking the efforts and aspirations of all involved parties.

For Employers:

Direct Engagement: Offers a direct line to both S&B Automotive Academy and the apprentice, ensuring clear communication and alignment of goals across all stages of the apprenticeship.

Skills Tracking and Development: Employers gain access to detailed insights into the apprentice's skills growth and achievements, enabling tailored support and maximising the return on investment in training.

For Apprentices:

Structured Learning Path: Apprentices benefit from a clear outline of their learning journey, with milestones and goals to guide their progress. This structure helps in understanding expectations and focusing efforts on achieving them.

Feedback and Support: The eLogbook facilitates timely feedback from employers, allowing apprentices to identify strengths, work on weaknesses, and receive the support they need to thrive.

Portfolio of Achievements: It serves as a digital portfolio, showcasing the skills and competencies developed throughout the apprenticeship. This portfolio can be a valuable asset for future career opportunities.


The S&B Automotive Academy eLogbook embodies our commitment to a triangulated approach in apprenticeship training, where collaboration, communication, and shared goals are the keystones of success. Through this innovative platform, we unite the expertise of S&B Automotive Academy, the ambition of apprentices, and the support of employers to cultivate an enriched, effective, and forward-thinking apprenticeship experience.

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